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PureMont General Trading LLC is a leading supplier of energy equipment and soft commodities, Fintech, IT, Automation and engineering services. All products and services delivered by us bring new quality of savings.

We distribute state-of -the-art equipment that:

  • Works longer than analogues

  • Provides unexampled stability to production line

  • Saves customer's money

  • Easy to operate and maintenance

Our services include:

  • Cost-efficient project consulting 

  • Fintech solutions and applications transforming our client's businesses to new level

  • Bringing customers IT and automation to highest industrial standard



Turnkey solutions that help protect the Earth’s natural resources and preserve ecological balance, thus saving a substantial volume of energy.


We specialize in selling high-quality commodities food products. Puremont offers a wide selection and meet the needs of the most discerning customers.

Mining & Cement

Automation of processes and procedures that do not only maintain your commercial bottom lines but also respects the integrity of the environment.


We introduce ourselves as Constructional and Industrial Power Tools Solution, an establishment aimed at eliminating procurement problems of its prospective clients.

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