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NewMont provides end-to-end integration of conceptual, FEED and detailed design into an environment that handles all process simulation and engineering (1D, 2D and 3D) from one single data hub with bi-directional information flow. Multi-discipline teams can collaborate in real-time, increasing engineering efficiency to minimize risk and maximize return on capital investment.


Pre- Contract Services

  • Bills of Quantities Preparation

  • Bill Share Programming and Management

  • Estimating Support and Cost Planning 

  • Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Tender Review and Analysis

  • Procurement Advise, Selection and Management

  • Contract Advise, Drafting and Selection

  • Contract Negotiation and Execution

  • Activity and Material Scheduling and Appraisals

  • Planning

  • Bid Management Support


Post- Contract Services

  • Sub-Contract Procurement 

  • Contractor's Financial Management 

  • Interim Valuations

  • Variations

  • Monthly Cost/Value Reconciliation

  • Re-Measurement. Cost Evaluation, Review and Advice


Construction Supervision

  • Sub-Contract Procurement

  • Contractor's Financial Management 

  • Interim Valuations

  • Variations

  • Monthly Cost/Value Reconciliation

  • Re-Measurement. Cost Evaluation, Review and Advice


HSE Coordination

  • Advices in preventive measures

  • Safety risk analysis

  • Verification/Development of health and safety plans

  • Control of personnel protection equipment (helmets, gloves, shoes, etc.)

  • Training for management, supervisory and execution personnel of subcontractors and visitors


Site management effected by NewMont Industrial is a the most efficient way to manage projects during construction.

It allows our customers to manage the construction without having engineering personnel, to be constantly aware of what happens on the site, save expenses of construction works and reduce its timing;, while minimizing risks and carrying out effective investment planning. 

  • Detailed Site Analysis

  • Basic Engineering

  • Technology Selection

  • Project Feasability Report

  • Detailed Project Report

  • Regulatory assessment

  • Financial Planning

  • Plant Design

  • Civil and Structural Design

  • Planning and Task Sequencing

  • Procurement

  • Construction monitoring

  • Inspection

  • Commissioning

  • Grid connection

  • Post Connection Acceptance Testing

  • Operation and maintenance


  • Critical path scheduling and optimization of construction execution in all stages to reduce and improve the quality of work execution.

  • 24/7 control of project documentation and materials supply and storage.  

  • Provision of constant presence of our representative to carry out operating control of construction, daily reports of regular and unplanned analytics, quality inspection of construction works execution.      

  • Control of effectiveness of working hours use.

  • Provision of detailed daily reports on the work execution including photo materials.

  • Effective coordination of all subcontractors to prevent down time and violations of work execution technology.

  • Preparation of regular analytics and provision of references to investor (customer) to boost effectiveness of construction operations organization.

  • Control of works execution on compliance with project documentation and costs.   

  • Execution of total or selective quality control of works by visual, instrumental or physical control using laboratory of any purpose. 

  • Control of execution and timely provision of as-built documentation including verification of its content and compliance with actual rules and regulations. 

  • Control of hidden works, important constructions and engineering support  

  • Cost and quality analysis of commercial proposals, engineering and design solutions

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