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DC Voltage Conditioner

The DC Voltage Conditioner is a power electronic device, which can be applied to individual VFD’s or to a DC Bus System.

It corrects voltage anomalies by providing DC voltage support to the VFD DC bus or to a DC Bus system. This maintains motor speed to keep essential processes running and avoids costly unplanned production stoppages

The DVC comprises a range of models; some can correct only voltage sags, others can correct both sags and power outages. and damage to equipment.

It is applicable to AC VFD’s up to 600VAC and with models from 5kW to 1300kW.

The DVC is a device which typically operates when the input voltage drops below 90% of nominal. The DVC will then support the DC bus voltage, typically at 90% of nominal, for a predetermined length of time depending on the model.

Parallel connection is made directly to the DC bus connections so the DVC has very low energy losses when in standby mode.

DVC provides a complete solution with disconnects and fuses included.

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DC Voltage Conditioner


Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

Digital control based on Fourier transform table. Active compensation of harmonic currents.

AVC Active Voltage Conditioner

AVC Active Voltage Conditioner

The Active Voltage Conditioner is a power electronic device, which corrects voltage sags and other voltage anomalies and then produces smooth consistent output voltages.

Fast Automatic Bus Transfer System (FABT)

Fast Automatic Bus Transfer System (FABT)

Fast operation by switching to by pass power source in order to keep all power consumers non-interrupting powered.

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