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Created especially for hard working  on the North!

  • Clean, warm-up and supply fresh air into drilling rig space

  • Placed in standard robust 20’ sea container

  • All the key parts made from inoxsteel

  • Silicon cable wiring (down to–60 оС)

  • Explosive –protected equipment inside of fuel tank chamber

  • Easy service

  • Highest reliability in hard working conditions

  • Able to provide up to100% fresh air

  • Remote control and monitoring ready

  • Equipped with smart fire protection system

  • Ambient temperature down to -60 oC


  • Balanced layout and easy service access

  • Optimized components arrangement

  • Special type heat-resistant / acid-proof INOX stainless steel heat exchangers for extra-high thermal load

  • Basic ruleof development: All the most important systems are doubled

  • Fuel system –double redundancy

  • ATEX: the highest level of safety

  • Easy and safe connections for power and signals

  • Computerized control system

  • Clear working regimes indication

  • 2 reliable burners for any type of fuel (by request)

  • Flexibility and ease of use

  • Tower-winch unit installation

  • Echelon unit installation

  • Training and technical support

  • Provides a great opportunity for alternative use



Oil & Gas



ThermoBox 800

Air Technology Technoclima

Most of the drillers use stationary hot steam boiler plants. Tecnoclima found better solution

  • No water needed

  • Less fuel consumption

  • Less staff for service

  • Highest reliability

  • Easy commissioning and start-up

  • No inertia, faster warming

Any fuel(depends of the burner):

  • Gas condensate

  • Crude oil

  • Kerosene, jet fuel

  • Diesel

  • Natural and associated gas etc.

ThermoBox 800


Steambox 1000

Steambox 1000

Container steam generator for drilling rigs

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