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Nowadays, no any manufacturer but tecnoclima® is able to provide both steam and hot air generators for drilling rig equipment.

  • Well-insulated standard sea container20’. Any way of transportation.

  • Easy removable topfor boiler replacement and service without unit disconnection. Stacking allowed.

  • Well–thought fire-tube boilerespecially designed and suitable for low kind of water

  • Easy access for regular cleaning and serviceof the boiler and other components

  • Highest level of assembling quality and strongest safety standards

  • All ATEX components for fuel compartment

Steambox 1000 + Thermobox 800:

  • Burner unification

  • Fuel system unification

  • Spare parts and component unification

  • Less OPEX due to standard service and spare parts

  • Less logistic costs

  • Common quality and safety standards

  • Most favorable conditions for complex orders

  • High grade warranty service from one reliable supplier



Oil & Gas



Steambox 1000

Drilling process always needs steam for warming up fluids, clean pipes and tools etc. Many drillers use stationary power plants… tecnoclima® created better solution!

  • Less water and fuel consumption

  • Less staff

  • High durability and safety ATEX components

  • Simple commissioning and start up

  • Fast start of steam generation

  • Strong water treatment system

  • Standard20’ sea container

  • Top opens easily for boiler removal

Any fuel(depends of a burner):

  • Gas condensate

  • Crude oil

  • Kerosene

  • Diesel

  • Jet fuel

  • Associated gas

Steambox 1000


ThermoBox 800

ThermoBox 800

Container-type space air heater for drilling rigs

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